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Jun 14, 2020

03:00 - The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make when starting a business, and what to do instead
03:30 - Why having an "idea" is not a business
05:00 - The first thing you should do when starting a business (hint: it's not marketing!)
06:30 - Anytime a client asks me to sell something, here's the first question I ask...
11:00 - What buying an airplane ticket has to do with starting a business
17:30 - If you want to make more money, start with this simple thing you can do today
24:00 - How that single thing that makes you unique (that you're hiding from) is exactly what you need to succeed
25:00 - If you're afraid to niche...
32:00 - The question I ask people I meet to start off a business relationship... And you can use it to help you attract more leads to your message
38:30 - The often overlooked piece of a niche that is crucial for your success
41:30 - Why a polarizing message is important and how each business step flows into the next
48:30 - A nice way to consider the action steps in building a business