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Jun 21, 2020

02:00 - Why Direct Mail can be MORE profitable in a digital age
06:00 - What is 3D Mail, Lumpy Mail
10:30 - How even something sent in the mail works WITH the Internet, not instead of it
16:30 - What most people who start a business fail to consider (and skipping this can cause many problems!)
22:00 - Why picking a niche and going deep in it isn't the only thing to do
23:30 - Why the psychology is just as important as the marketing - it's an art and a science - half math, half psychology
25:30 - Can 3D Mail be tested at a relatively small scale and on a budget?
29:30 - The two types of lists for mailings
31:00 - The dirty little secret of many companies that can put money in YOUR pocket
35:00 - What's even more important than the demographics of the people you are marketing to
40:00 - In the days of data protection, a mindset to consider when using list data that lets you sleep at night
50:30 - How to use 3D Mail for coaches/consultants and other folks that work one-on-one with clients
59:30 - How to get started with 3D Mail...