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Dec 22, 2019

Pam Gallagher has over 40 years of experience practicing, studying, and teaching astrology. Pam opened the Midwest School of Astrology in 2009 where she encourages students of all ages to learn and explore the mysteries of astrology.

In this interview, you’ll discover…

01:12 – What is Astrology
02:33 – Why does Astrology work
05:22 – What astrological timing means
07:40 – What a natal chart is and how it can be used as a map for our lives
09:23 – Why the chart is a potential pattern for life
10:52 – Sun Signs vs. Moon Signs and the journey we take between them
14:01 – The benefit of being aware of the path depicted in our natal charts
17:58 – What makes Pam’s timing so accurate
21:54 – Why Pam says there are no “bad” placements in a chart
24:27 – How might someone use astrology in business, sales, and entrepreneurship
28:40 – Happiness vs. Fulfillment
31:02 – My experience with Pam’s timing
37:02 – Why it’s totally okay if you discover astrology later in life
39:20 – How we can use astrology in relationships, and why concluding if one sign should date another is not enough information
41:24 – How to get in contact with Pam and info about her new book “Becoming Your Sun Sign”