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Dec 15, 2019

Having a Ph.D. in mathematical psychology, "Doc" as he's known, shares how to apply psychology and human behavior to business and marketing, using 9 principles of customer feedback.

In this interview with Dr. Matt Champagne, you'll learn:

02:39 - Why the word "survey" is a turnoff
03:20 - Why some marketers think people don't know what they want
04:07 - The mistake that Fortune 500 companies, universities, and entrepreneurs all have in common
05:23 - If you ever want to know what your audience needs, check this out
06:45 - How to get meaningful data
07:51 - After surveying your audience, do this FREE thing to deepen your connection with your audience
08:40 - How to get over an 80% response rate on surveys
10:36 - Why people abandon surveys and what to do instead
11:03 - Questions you should never ask on a survey... unless you want to irritate your audience
12:05 - Why service satisfaction surveys are not a good idea
14:57 - How to demonstrate you truly care about your audience in your survey, and why simply saying you care isn't good enough if your survey does this one thing...
17:18 - What you must do before you even ask a single question!
18:13 - What you can learn from Amazon's surveying mistake
19:47 - How to keep your customers by wowing them
24:36 - How wowing your customers can actually scale, contrary to popular belief
28:45 - If you want more questions answered, don't ask questions that make your audience do this (if you ever asked "what's your biggest challenge" this is why you didn't get great answers)
29:09 - What American Ninja Warrior can teach you about survey response
32:36 - How many questions you should ask on a survey, and the best time to ask them
35:14 - If you are using a webinar poll feature, here's what you should be doing instead
36:10 - How replays can be just as effective as a live webinar
37:40 - How to start your webinar for maximum effectiveness
40:42 - Why asking questions on Facebook might be killing your business
43:11 - What voting in an election can teach you about accurate survey results
43:48 - Why I stopped filling out an auto mechanic's survey after the shop changed this one thing
44:49 - The absolute worst way to get people to fill out a survey
46:10 - What a candy store taught me about incentives
48:02 - Why Matt doesn't pay anybody to fill out his surveys and what he does instead
49:08 - How to handle survey results that aren't what you are expecting and are asking you to go in a direction you don't feel is best... while strengthening your relationship with your audience
53:20 - What a company did right that fostered a greater connection with its audience
54:36 - Two fears people have when it comes to surveying
56:43 - What I learned from one of my prior bosses that made me like him even more
58:36 - The "Big Message" when it comes to surveys
59:56 - How Matt implemented surveys during a live event and got an *increasing* response rate as the event went on
1:02:35 - How Matt increased his survey response rate over numerous emails *after* an event, and what to do with responses that come in late
1:05:04 - How to use surveys in an evergreen fashion
1:08:02 - How to ensure your evergreen content always remains what your audience wants