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Aug 15, 2019

What can working with couples teach you about marketing and growing your business?  You're about to discover that and more in this interview with Brandon O'Brien.


  • How Brandon applies entrepreneurial principles in his business
  • The 2 changes he made that took him from 8 months of no clients to finally closing clients (if you are just getting started, this episode will definitely inspire you)
  • Why not to care about what others think of you
  • How he ensures his clients feel worthy of doing business with him
  • How Brandon uses Facebook organically to create enrollment calls into his program
  • Why you shouldn't bait a hook with cheese (even though a lot of entrepreneurs try to!)
  • The 3 types of buyer awareness to know what to say to a lead
  • The importance of giving vs. taking, and where many entrepreneurs get this wrong
  • 2 specific call-to-action strategies for Facebook posts